This Blog is based on photos and notes taken by Alex Reid during a trip to Europe from Jan to Mar 2013.

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Sunday, 13-Jan-13: Depart Perth:
This was the last of our trips to UK in which we based ourselves at the Nook cottage in Bourton-on-the-Water. We travelled there on 14-Jan-13, with our first "venture" being a conference (+ some sightseeing) in Vienna 11-Feb to 14-Feb-13. Our next excursion was to Portofino (14-Mar) followed by a cruise on the MSC Divina from Genoa to Venice (15 to 23-Mar). We then spent several days with the Brooks in Venice (23 to 26-Mar). On returning to the UK, we completed our clearing-out of the Nook and flew back to Perth on 31-Mar-13.

Monday, 14-Jan-13: Snow:
We were greeted on arriving at The Nook with a significant (not huge, but pretty) snowfall (about 2cm).
View of the front of the row of houses in which The Nook is located - the one with the light on!

Friday, 18-Jan-13: More Snow:
Not long after, another, bigger, snow fall (about 10cm).
View of the rear garden of The Nook.
View of our hire car in the parking place near The Nook (the next day, 19-Jan).

Monday, 11-Feb-13: Another Snow fall (only about 2cm):
View of the rear garden of The Nook.
View over nearby houses from the rear window of The Nook.

Sunday, 31-Mar-13 Easter Day:
We flew home to Perth via Singapore - BA London to S'pore and QA S'pore to Perth, arriving home Monday 1-Apr at 11:20pm.

Alex Reid