Journal of the UWA Evangelical Union

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Apologia Vol.1, No.1: April, 1962

Editorial - John Kleinig
The Atonement - John Kleinig: pages1-12
Over the Great City - by Edward Carpenter (contributed by Sylvia Watson): page12
The New Testament Text - Rodney Coleman: page13-17
A Study on Isaiah 53 - Lynn Wadley: pages17-19
Notes on Worship as Purpose of the Church - John Kleinig: page20

Apologia Vol.1, No.2: July, 1962

Editorial - John Kleinig: page21
Morality and Madness: Sinner or Sick? - Gordon Stanley: pages22-24
Christ and the Cave - Rob Rippingale: pages24-26
State School Moral and Religious Education for Adolescence - Sylvia Pederick: pages26-36
Three Major Problems - Tom Spurling: page37-38
Note on Instruction as a Purpose of the Church - John Kleinig: pages39-40

Apologia Vol.1, No.3: October, 1962

Editorial - John Kleinig: pages41-42
The Role of Music in the Church - Colleen Gomm: pages43-46
Predestination and Free Will - John Kleinig: pages46-62
Christian Responsibility in Aboriginal Assimilation - Bob McMath: pages62-71
Contents of Volume 1 (1962): page72

Apologia Vol.2, No.1: April, 1963

Editorial - John Kleinig: pages1-3
Personal Evangelism - Margaret Barks: pages4-6
One Solitary Life - Anonymous: page7
Prayer - A Summary - John Kleinig: page8-9
Thoughts on Ecumenism - I - Lynn Wadley: pages10-21
The Ways of the Lord - Anonymous: page21
Book Review: The New Bible Dictionary, Douglas, J (ed.), IVF, 1962 - R.D.M. (Bob McMath): pages22-23
Lord, what a change within us… - Archbishop Trench: page24

Apologia Vol.2, No.2: July, 1963

Editorial - John Kleinig: page25
The Evangelical Doctrine of Scripture - I - Ian Searle: pages26-41
Christian Responsibility in Aboriginal Assimilation - II (continued from Vol.1, No.3) - R.D.M. (Bob McMath): pages41-46
The apple in the tree or the pair on the ground?: page46
Thoughts on Ecumenism - II - Lynn Wadley: pages47-52

Apologia Vol.2, No.3: October, 1963

Editorial - John Kleinig: pages53-54
Julian of Norwich thought: page54
Stubbornness versus Conviction - Anonymous: page54
The Evangelical Doctrine of Scripture - II - Ian Searle: pages55-61
Credits and Debits - George Atkinson (extracted from His, Dec, 1962): pages62-65
Thoughts on Evolution - I - Alex Reid: pages66-83
Henry Ward Beecher thought: page83
Medical Dictionary: biliousness versus piety: page83
S D Gordon thought: page83
Contents of Volume 2: page84

Apologia Vol.3, No.1: April, 1964

Editorial - anon: page1
God's Sovereignty in the Modern World - Anonymous: pages2-4
The University Christian and the Overseas Missionary Call - R G Coleman: pages4-6
Forget Not to Show Love Unto Strangers - Arjen van der Schaaf: pages6-8
Moral Re-Armament - John Sherwood: pages9-12
Thoughts on Evolution (continued from Vo1.2, No.3) - Alex Reid: pages12-15
Interest Investment - A Christian Dilemma - Brian Cosgrove: pages15-18
Charles Williams - Theo Bredmeyer: pages18-24
"Sir, I Have No Need of That Hypothesis" - Harvey Davies: pages24-28

Apologia Vol.4, No.1: April, 1966

Table of Contents: page1
Editorial - Katherine Wills (Editor): pages2-3
Thoughts from St Augustine, C S Lewis, V White, F Buchman: page3
The Infallibility of the Bible - Pam Scott: pages4-10
Thoughts from C S Lewis, Dag Hammarskjold: page11
Readers' Questions: What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? - John Sherwood, Christopher Ridings, Allan Chapple, Alan Redpath: pages11-13
Modern Church Worship - Alan Miller: pages13-15
Thoughts from Alan Redpath, Sherwood E Wirt, Dag Hammarskjold: page15
To Know God's Will - Helen Mitchell: pages16-19
I Am the Resurrection and the Life - Brian V Hill: pages20-24

Apologia 8 May 1966

Editorial - Ruth Snell: page 1
List of Abbreviations used in this issue: page 2
Subscriptions - Peter Newman, Treasurer: page 2
Why the Doctrinal Basis? - J W Campbell: page 3
EU Church Service 14-May-66: page 4
What is the Place of the Doctrinal Basis in the EU? - Ron Hu: page 5
Please Read Me Thoroughly (plea for articles for Mission newspaper) - G R Stone: page 6
EU - SCM Relationships - Ron Hu: page 7
Further Considerations with Regard to EU - SCM - Peter Newman: page 7
Relationship of the Constitutions of the IVF and the Evangelical Union(s): page 8
Background to the proposed Amendments - E Willis: page 9
The Case “For” the SUEU Amendment - Peter Newman: page 10
The Case “Against” the Amendment - Ian Barns: page 11

Apologia 29 May, 1966

The Old Order Has Gone... - Allan Chapple: pages1-3
Editorial - Jonathan Nelson: page3
Talent Survey: pages4-5
The Stewardship of Money - J Nelson: page6
The Wise Woman from the East - Ellen Higgins: page7

Apologia 4 July, 1966

President's Message - Allan Chapple: pages1-3
Editorial - Jonathan Nelson: page4
Financial Statement for EU to 24/6/66: pages4-5
Overseas Christian Fellowship - Ron Hu: page5
First EU Training Weekend 17-Jun-66: page6
Who Moved the Stone? - R K Abbey: page7

Apologia 24 August, 1966

President's Message- Ian Barns: pages1-2
E.U. Committee 1966-1967 (Ian Barns, Tom McMath, Elizabeth Wills, Ronald Hu, Bob Adams, John Cambell, Pam Minchin, Cathy Packard, Chris Prince): page2
Editorial - Jon Nelson: page2
Third Term Program: page3
Prayer Points - Ian Barns: pages3-5
Authority: Credal or Scriptural? - David Brown: page5-8
Leg-It or Hog-It? - David Lloyd: page9
Training Weekends: pages10-11

Apologia 29 September, 1966

Pastoral Epistle - Ian Barns: pages1-2
Editorial - Jonathan Nelson: page2
Current E.U. Program: page2
EU Hansard: page3
Inter-Varsity Fellowship Missionary Fellowship - pages4-5
Christian Reflections on a Christian Mission - G R Stone: pages6-9
Training Weekends - page10
Operation Welcome - Brian Hutchison, Tom McMath: page11
O.C.F. 3rd Term Program: page11

Apologia 24 December, 1966

President's Message - Ian Barns: page1
Editorial - J Nelson: page2
Financial Statement: page2
Extract from Minutes on Committee Retreat: pages3-4
Committee Retreat - Ron Hu: page5
Training Weekends: page6

Apologia 8 February, 1967

President's Message - Ian Barns: page1
Day of Preparation - Ron Hu: pages1-2
OCF Conference Report - Ron Hu: pages2-3
EU Mission Giving: page4

Apologia Prayer Partners Letter Supplement: 21 March, 1967

President's Palaver - I J Barns: page1
Editorial - R Snell: page2
Intercessor as Fuel for Prayer: page2
EU Mission: page3
Feed Faith, Starve Doubt: page3
Itinerary of Allan Chapple - 7-Feb to 11-Aug: page4
The 23rd Psalm for Busy People - Anon: page5
Mission Giving: page5
What is the Overseas Christian Fellowship?: page6
The Wounded Spirit - Ian Barns: page7-8

Apologia June 1967

From the Pen of the President: page1
By an Observant Fish… - adapted: page3
Service, Will, Presence, Glory - page3
Well Done - W R H: page4
Typical EU’er - G R S: page4
Financial Responsibilities - Peter Newman, Treasurer: insert after page4
I Thought I Newall About It - G Smith: page5
Editorial: page5
Daily Prayer Meeting Questionnaire - John Campbell, Prayer Secretary: page7

Apologia August 1967

Contents: page1
Editorial - Peter Newman (?): page2
The Big Wig Speaks: Desert or Storm? page3
EU Committee 1967-68: page4
Out of the Mouths - Christopher Dawson, Robert Boyd, Karl Marx, Catherwood, Bernard Ramm, Malcolm Muggeridge: page5
Ruling by Right: A Look at Scriptural Authority - Ian Barns: page7
Christian Comment - Ian Barns: page11
In Search of Truth: Christ’s Teaching in ST Luke’s Gospel - John Campbell: page13
Within You, Without You - G Harrison: page17
Craving Soul - Peter Newman: page18
Missionary Think-In, 2-Sep-67: page20
Mission in Retrospect - Ian Barns: page21
You Have to be In It (IVF Conference): page23
Third Term programme: page24
Bible Study Groups - Tom McMath: page24
EU Church Service 10-Sep-67: page24
EU - ISCF Dinner 15-Sep-67 - Trevor Morgan: page24

Apologia September 1967

Contents: page 1
Editorial: page 2
Take Me to Your Leader: page 3
Donations to EU - Rod Marsh, Treasurer: page 4
Out of the Mouths - Pestalozzi, anon, John Dewey, Soren Kiarkegaard, T S Eliot, D E Nineham: page 5
The Church in Embryo - Liz Willis: page 7
IVF Conference Reminder- Fran Wallace: page 9
Action ’67 IVF Missionary Fellowship: page 10
In Search of Truth: Christ’s Teaching in St Luke’s Gospel, part2 The Miracles - John Campbell: page 12
Vacation Activities - Ron Hu: page 16
Library moved to Chaplaincy Reading Room: page 16
Graduates Fellowship - R McMath: page 16
A Christian Comments: page 17
A Look at Rudolf Bultmann - Wong Thye Giap: page 18

Apologia November 1967

This Issue: page 1
Our Theme is the Word of Life: page 2
True Confessions - Bev Lilburne: page 3
Confusing Confucius: page 4
Deciding the Canon, or What Makes the Bible Biblical - Pam Minchin: page 7
Expresso - Gordon Stone, Liz Willis: page 12
Transcendental Presidential: page 14
Coming and Going in EU - To Be or Not to be - Advancing from Retreat: page 16
Tillich - Wong Thye Giap: page 18

Apologia February 1968

Inside This Issue: page 1
What It’s All About: page 3
A Christian Comment on the Ideology of Karl Marx- Brian Hill: page 4
Attention Graduates: page 10
A Christian Comment on ‘Democracy’ - Brian Hill: page 11
Existentialist Insights in Christian Thought - Brian Hill: page 17
Holy Writ: A Look at the Authority of the Bible - Brian Hill: page 23

Apologia March 1968

This Issue: page 1
As My Saviour - Peter Newman: page 2
Forum for Againstum: page 4
A Layman’s Dilemma: page 5
Verily, Verily We Say Unto Thee (Beatitudes): page 9
The Gospel According to Expresso: page 10
Celebrity Outline: Leighton Ford: page 12
In Search of Truth - Fran Wallace: page 14
An Historic Occasion (EU, SCM, Newman Society) 5-Apr-68 - Peter Newman: page 15
Sex - A Revolution in Morals - Margaret Drabble, Monica Furlong, Julie Rigg, Michael Schofield, Peter O’Brien, Alex Carey: page 17
Christianity and Science - Ian Barns: page 21
EU Diary: page 25

Apologia June 1969

[issue missing]

Apologia August 1969

Table of Contents: page 1
Editorial - Cassy Nixon: page 2
EU Diary: page 4
The Prayer of Christ -John 17 - Marg Willis: page 5
Poem - Sarah Williams: page 10
Did You Know? EU and OCF - Peter Robinson: page 11
1 Corinthians 13 - A Meditation by an Indian Christian - from Open Door: page 13
Could This Concern You?- Lyn Barrett: page 15
The Biblical Concept of Wisdom and the Christian’s Responsibility to Evaluate Current Trends of Thought: Part 2 - Hartwig Lucke: page 16
IVF Conference - Tom Stubbs: page 20
EU Committee 1969-70: page 20
Abraham - A Man of Prayer - Jenny Marshall: page 21
Love - George Herbert: Page 22
Prayer - Answered and Unanswered - Carol Cunningham: page 23
Book Review - C S Lewis letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer - J J Sturman: page 25
Little Thoughts - Rod Marcsh: page 28
Transcendental Presidential - Rod Marsh: supplement (after page 28).

Apologia February 1970

Table of Contents: page 1
Presitorial - Rod Marsh: page 2
Report from the Committee Retreat 1969 - Barry Cross: page 4
Historical Document? - Josephus: page 5
Whither OUF Donations? - Cliff Brockway (ex-Treasurer): page 6
Books for Comment - The Gospel Blimp and others: page 7
Quotable Quotes: page 9
Expresso - Marg Willis: page 10
Rev Richard Wurmbrand - Susan Brisbane: page 12
They Came, They Saw, They Impressionized - IVF Conference - Elaine Minchin, Georgina Hiam, Bob Merrells, Chris Chamarette: page 13

Apologia April 1970

Table of Contents: page 1
Editorial - Marg Willis: page 2
Schaefferism - Ian Malcolm, Ron Hu: page 4
Creation Continued - Miss S Richardson: page 8
Christianity and World Renewal - Part 1 - Ron Hu: page 9
The Treasurer Writes - Tony Stopher: page 14
Caustic Comments on Christ’s Coming - warren Flynn: page 15
Comments on Racialism - A Small Appetizer - from Underground Evangelism Apr 1970: page 16
Happily Ever After? - Richard Silvester: page 17
EU Diary: page 18

Apologia June 1970

Table of Contents: page 1
Editorial - Jean Armstrong: page 2
1970-71 Elections: page 4
Christianity and World Renewal - Part 2 - Ron Hu: page5
When Will It be Time? - D R: page 10
It Beats Me, Lord - Salvation Army: page 12
The Gospel and Communication - Allison Taylor: page 13
Chemical Determinism - Richard Sylvester: page 15
Honour the King - Flagpole: page 17
EU Diary June-Aug 1970: page 18

Apologia March 1971

Kontense: page 1
Editorial - Warren Flynn, Jan Heston, Marg Willis, Cassy Nixon, Yvonne De Vries, Richard Sylvester: page 1
Jonah (cont) - R Horton: page 2
On Creation - Richard Sylvester: page 6
The Need to Study Other Religions- T Tredrea: page 7
Your Attitude? From the Unchanging Commission - D Adeney: page 10
Bare Tape: page 11
Poem - Francesco Petrarca: page 13

Apologia June 1971

Contents: page 1
Editorial: page 2
A Word from the Master- Warren Barney: page 3
Profiles - Alan Chapple: page 5
Letters to the Ed - R Tredrea: page 6
After the Ball is Over - Keith Warren: page 8
Direction - David Eddington: page 9
AGM 2-Aug-71 and 3-Aug-71: page 10
A Review of Confrontation CountDown - Ian Robinson: page 11
Just Like an Angel - Warren Flynn: page 12
Superstar - Michael Workman: page 13
The Mind of God - Sidney Price: page 15
Morning - Cathy Falconer: page 16
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Chris Mellish: page 17
Indecision - Terry Tredrea: page 19
Where the Answer Lies - Chris Mellish: page 21
Bare Tape: page 22
I Love Beautiful Things - Robert Bridges: page 22
Apologia Survey: (after page 23).

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